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Your big vision brought to life.

Creative design and strategic collaboration for ambitious business owners 

Big Vision, Big Results: A Toolkit for Ambitious Business Owners




A must-have resource for ambitious business owners who are ready to turn their big vision into tangible results.


Inside the toolkit:

⚫️ Vision Mastery Map: Plotting Your Path to Big Wins

⚫️ Project Roadmap: Steering Towards Success

⚫️ Priority Powerhouse: Supercharge Your Task Management

⚫️ Obstacle Overhaul Guide: Conquering Challenges on Your Journey

⚫️ Daily Productivity Playbook: Maximizing Your Time for Success

⚫️ Milestone Mastery: Evaluating Your Progress and Growth


Your goals,

closer than ever.

Does this sound like you?

✅ You're filled with ideas and there just aren't enough hours in the day to put them all into action
✅ You’re capable of wearing all the hats, but you just don’t want to anymore
✅ You know exactly how you want to impact the world and you work toward that vision every day

Imagine if you could take a giant leap closer to your biggest goals today.

Hi! My name is Erica.

I'm here to streamline your journey to success.

Supporting you might mean that I take the lead, share the load, or illuminate the path ahead.

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As your creative partner, here are a few ways I can help you bring your big vision to life:

Asset 6_300x.png

Creative visuals that communicate your message and captivate your audience.

⚫️ Logo Design and Brand Identity Development
⚫️ Merch and Apparel Design
⚫️ Art Licensing

Ready to turn your dreams into reality?


1. Schedule a Call

Let’s meet each other and have a no-strings-attached conversation about your vision.

2. Choose Your Package

Choose one of the custom packages created specifically for you and your goals.


3. Make it Happen

We’ll put a plan into action and work together to create something even better than you imagined.

If you have big goals and are passionate about people, we’re going to make a great team.

Kind Words from Incredible Clients

Shannon Mattern Headshot.png
"What Erica brings to the program is like nothing I ever even realized that I needed. The way that she goes about making decisions and gathering data and thinking about the full picture of the business combined with the students and student results. She really takes a holistic view of all of the pieces when making recommendations and making data driven decisions.
Erica is amazing. She is such an asset to our program and would be an asset to any program that is as committed to their clients' success as we are.”
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