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Learn digital illustration and handlettering ... even if you "can't draw."

Because the truth is ... everyone can draw!

Just like so many other things, drawing is a learned skill, and I'm on a mission to offer affordable digital art education for anyone who wants to learn.

HI! 👋🏼

My name is Erica and I can't wait to teach you digital illustration.

Here are a few things you should know about me:

  • I am a working artist and use my iPad, Apple Pencil, and the Procreate app daily

  • I am a former teacher with 10 years of classroom experience

  • I am certified to teach K-12

  • I help people learn every day

Which is why I created The Sketch Society ...

Sketch Society Bundle.png

A monthly membership for anyone of any skill level who wants to learn how to draw on their iPad using the Procreate app.

This is great for:

  • Hobby artists

  • Homeschool students

  • Graphic designers and other creatives looking to add a new skill to their toolbox

  • Anyone who likes to learn new things

This is especially for anyone who wants to be part of a community of people who love to learn new things and want to draw to have fun, to improve their skills, and maybe even learn how to use them professionally.

When you join The Sketch Society, you get access to:

  • A detailed member-only Success Roadmap so that you can jump right in and reach your first milestone

  • A core curriculum that will lead you from Explorer (stage 1) to Master (stage 5)

  • Project lessons so that you’re practicing skills as you’re learning them (with new projects uploaded weekly)

  • Mini tutorials of the hidden tips and tricks in Procreate to speed up your workflow

  • A private member-only community so that you can ask questions, get support, share artwork, get feedback, and connect with other artists

Erica Sketch Society.png

Drawing doesn’t have to be intimidating, frustrating, and overwhelming. It can be fun, exciting, and YOU are capable of creating awesome pieces of artwork.

You can go from beginner to Procreate master with your own signature style for less than $1 a day and about an hour a week.

Zero drawing skills required.

Take it from other beginners ...


Join the Sketch Society waitlist and be first to know when the doors are open again!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will The Sketch Society be open again?
Soon! The Sketch Society is currently being built out with a Founding Member cohort. As soon as we complete the core content, we will announce a date and then open the doors. Be sure to get on the waitlist so that you get the email announcing the next launch date!

How much does The Sketch Society cost?
The next time the doors to The Sketch Society open, the cost will be $24/month.

What happens when I enroll?
Once you enroll, you’ll get an email from me with all the information on how to login to the platform. Just follow the instructions in that email and you’ll get full access to all of the available content! I’ll also send you a personal email to introduce myself and say hello.

What’s the time commitment?
The Sketch Society is totally self-paced. You can go through the content as fast or slow as you like. Lessons are very intentionally designed to be short and digestible and less than 15 minutes long. It’s likely you’ll have to pause the lesson to practice what you’re learning, so it’s recommended that you set aside some time to allow for that. You could very easily learn to draw in an hour a week.

I’m a designer and work with Illustrator. Why would I want to learn Procreate?
Learning Procreate is the perfect addition to your Illustrator workflow. Procreate is a raster based program and provides a really efficient way to add custom illustrations to your vector based client work. Working in Procreate will speed up your workflow and iterative process, allowing you to be efficiently creative with sketching ideas, color blocking concepts, and imagining concept variations. Learning to illustrate with Procreate will give you additional skills and offers so that you can add to your current packages and create more revenue.

I’ve never drawn before (or tried and failed.) Is this still for me?
Yes! This is absolutely for you. We start from the VERY beginning. It’s all about experimenting and having fun.

I have some experience with Procreate. Am I too advanced for The Sketch Society?

The Sketch Society was developed to teach anyone of any skill level how to draw using Procreate. Regardless of your experience, you’re welcome in The Sketch Society! Below is The Sketch Society Success Roadmap. The goal is for someone to work through the stages and get to Master. Where do you fall on the Roadmap? If you’re not at the Master level, you’re not too advanced for The Sketch Society and you should totally join us!

Sketch Society Success Roadmap.png
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