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Hey Course Creator ...
this is a podcast you
don't want to miss.


01. What's it about and who's it for?

The online course journey is so much more than conversion numbers, sold out launches, and five figure months. It's about real people getting a real education that has the potential to change their lives.

If you're a course creator, someone who may develop a course in the future, or even someone who loves to take courses, you'll love this podcast!

On Next Level Course Creator, I interview course creators with programs that offer high levels of support to their students. We go behind talking about marketing and launches and really focus on the lesser-talked-about-things and nuances of running involved programs.

02. Where can I listen?

You can listen right here on the site, as well as on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Looking for the transcripts? You can hop over to the

03. How can I be a guest on the show?

I'm so excited that you're interested in being on Next Level Course Creator!

The show is all about having candid conversations of the lesser-talked-about-things in course creation, and you're welcome to sit at the table with us and share your thoughts!

You might be a great fit if you:


  • Have a hybrid course-group coaching program

  • You support your students at a high level (instead of the course being totally self-led)

  • You want to talk about more than marketing your course and how much revenue you've created (that's all important, but there are plenty of other podcasts that cover that info)


You are a professional that serves the above described course creators and want to contribute to the conversation.

If you'd like to be a guest on Next Level Course Creator, please send an email to erica @ ericanashdesign. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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