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Splat 3D

Templates & Overlays

Splat 3D is an educational design company based in Australia. Kylie needed a graphic designer familiar with education, and since I'm a former teacher, it was a great fit!

Splat 3D is in the process of expanding their branding into all their channels, so our first project together was updating their YouTube thumbnail overlay template.

The challenge was to combine their engineering-type lessons with a fun, doodle-type vibe for audiences ranging from young children to adults.

You can see that the solution was to color code with simple illustrations to differentiate for each audience.

Kylie loved the outcome. I can't wait to share some of the other fun things we're doing together!

YouTube Thumbnail Overlays-04.png

Kinder - 11 Years

YouTube Thumbnail Overlays-03.png

Teacher PD

YouTube Thumbnail Overlays-05.png

Middle & High School

YouTube Thumbnail Overlays-02.png

5 for Design

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