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Are you ready for your course to be more engaging and impactful than you've ever imagined?

If you made it to this page, we're going to assume a few things ...

You have a proven course that is getting your students results, and you're ready to make it even more valuable without falling into the "bonus stuffing" trap

You feel like there are updates that could be made so that you can increase the number of people you impact, increase your revenue, and feel secure in your curriculum

You have a self-led course and are looking to expand into a hybrid course-group coaching program


You have an established hybrid course-group coaching program that was probably DIYed and has grown (and may need to be simplified and streamlined)

Does that sound like you?

If the answer is YES, then a program audit is the perfect next step for you.

This includes a deep dive audit of your program content (video lessons, workbooks and downloadable content, bonus content, and more), member interviews, and an audit report with next steps so that you know exactly what to change (and NOT to change) in order to reach your goals.

woman at desk

Once you've had a
course audit ...


  • You have a roadmap outlining a clear path from where you are to where you want to be

  • You can make data-informed decisions about your course and curriculum

  • You can clearly see how and where students are engaging with your content ... so you know EXACTLY what's working (and what's not)

Instead of ...


  • Guessing your next steps and hoping for the best

  • Making decisions based on feelings or another course creator

  • Assuming how and where students are engaging with your content (and changing something that was actually working)

In short, an audit is going to give you a TON of valuable information about your course and your students that we can leverage to tailor the course experience for your audience and their specific needs.

Here are 10 ways your life and business can transform when you apply what you learn from the audit to your course ...

01. Freedom
You don't stress about your course anymore. Instead, you get to experience life more fully. You've let go of bonus-stuffing and no longer feel the need to justify the cost of your course.

02. Less Stress
Your course has a clear plan of action and established SOPs and systems, so you get to relax into your process and trust that you've put your best foot forward.

03. Confidence and clarity
Your curriculum is strategically aligned with your course and lifestyle goals. Your course strategy is engaging and just makes sense.

04. Boundaries
You have systems in place that help you establish and hold boundaries so that your students don't creep into every part of your life ... and they're still able to reach their goals. We've removed the blindspots and now you're able to view your curriculum objectively.

05. Standard Operating Procedures
Systems have been created and put into place to ensure that everything about your course experience makes sense and goes off without a hitch.

06. Clear solutions for anticipated obstacles
You have a plan for common course obstacles and feel prepared to help students when they get stuck without re-inventing the wheel every time.

07. Time
You no longer spend time answering the same questions over and over. You've taken care of the recurring obstacles not with bandaid attempts, but with real, at-the-root solutions.

08. Faster, more consistent results
Students have the opportunity to move through the curriculum faster and with less obstacles to achieve their desired results. They're experiencing success, which means you are, too!

09. Superfans and ambassadors
You're creating clients that are sold on your process and framework, who are more likely to buy anything you produce, and will tell all their friends about you and help your community (and revenue) grow.

10. Changing lives
You have more of an impact than you ever thought possible. You're helping others change their lives and experience the joy, freedom, and life that you know is possible for them.

Every moment you wait it's costing you ...




Giving your students a course experience that will have them coming back for more again and again is totally possible.

Here's how the audit process works ...


You schedule a free, zero-obligation call with me.

I'll ask you questions about your business and goals, share more about my process and packages and answer all your questions.

Basically, we'll get to know each other and make sure we're a good fit.


You choose whichever package is right for you and get locked into a date on my project calendar.


You'll receive an audit and some next steps to help you reach your goals so that you can experience more freedom, leave behind the overwhelm, and create more impact than you ever thought possible.

If you're ready to ...

Experience more freedom and escape the bonus-stuffing cycle

Leave behind the overwhelm and feel fully confident in your course curriculum

Impact more people and get your students more engaged so they can see results ASAP

... then I'd love to talk to you.

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