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How hiring an instructional designer & course expert will save you time & money

Why should you pay someone money to write the course you could technically write yourself? Keep reading for 7 of the biggest reasons hiring an instructional designer should be on your to-do list …

Time Saver #1: You get to hand it off so you can focus on other parts of the business

As a CEO, you already know that your time is precious and that it’s okay to hand over the things that are not your specialty. This also applies to your course. And I know, it seems scary to hand over your course to someone who is not an expert in your field, so how could that ever be a time saver?

That’s a valid question. And here is the honest truth: being an expert in a topic doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an expert in teaching that topic. Talking about it and teaching it are two totally different skills.

An instructional designer’s expertise lies in their ability to ask the right questions of you so that your knowledge is arranged in a way that is effective with learners. They will take your curriculum and knowledge and focus solely on it, freeing you up to focus on other parts of your business. No more stressing about needing to get it done, no more feeling guilty when you’re living feeling like you need to work and vice versa. No more late hours.

Time Saver #2: Accountability & focus dedicated to your program

More than likely, this is something that you’ve been wanting–or needing–to do for a while. It’s probably been on your to-do list, getting pushed back in favor of other, less time-consuming tasks.

Handing this off to an instructional designer is going to give you the accountability and focus you need to get this checked off your list in record time.

Time Saver #3: Gaps are closed so you’re not answering the same questions over and over

Whether this is a new program that you haven’t launched before or it’s an established program that you’re revising, there are going to be gaps in your curriculum. Gaps are any opportunities for adding information, materials, or practice for learners to bridge the knowledge from point A to point C. Gaps occur simply because we “can’t see the forest for the trees” so to speak. We are so tightly intertwined with our topic, systems & processes, etc., that it becomes difficult to predict what each learner might struggle with. The presence of gaps doesn’t mean that it’s a poor course, but it is SO important that the gaps are addressed and closed.

You probably recognize gaps in your own program as students are constantly getting stuck in the same area or ask the same questions over and over. This can be incredibly frustrating for everyone. Having a third-party professional (like me!) come in to assist in identifying those gaps and creating a plan to close them creates a more efficient curriculum. Where you spend so much time and energy answering these same questions or coaching on this same topic, we’re able to close that gap and get you some of your time back!

Time Saver #4: You don’t have to wade through the unfamiliar process of curriculum mapping alone

Anyone doing anything for the first (or second or even third time) might have to struggle their way through to get it done. It might involve lots of Googling, YouTubing, and reading tons and tons of blog posts. It’s totally normal to need all the support ever when doing something new.

That doesn’t change when it comes to course creation. Hiring an instructional designer is going to fast-track your course creation process because they don’t have to wade through the process … this is their bread and butter. When you live and breathe educational strategy, you get extremely efficient. We will be able to course correct in the process, make suggestions for anticipated problem areas, and guide you to solutions, all before you finalize your outline. We want to catch as many of those obstacles as we can BEFORE your students come into contact with it to save you time making corrections.


Money Saver #1: You’ll see a decrease in refund requests

When working with an instructional designer, the number one goal is to create a curriculum that delivers on its promise. When this is done, when learners are actually achieving whatever it is they set out to achieve when they purchased your program, they’re going to be satisfied with their purchase. And that satisfaction means they won’t be asking you for their money back. In fact, they’ll probably give you more as you continue to expand and launch new offers.

Money Saver #2: See Time Saver #1

Focus on doing the tasks that move the needle in your business while your instructional designer handles the nuances of curriculum development. You take care of the tasks that only you can do, and let your ID handle the curriculum development.


BONUS Money Maker: More effective curriculum → better, faster results → superfans → referrals

When your curriculum is working at maximum efficiency, it’s going to result in better outcomes for the learners. Of course, there are soooo many factors that play into the success of your course, but a well-written, effectively arranged and designed curriculum is a huge factor (and the opposite, an incredible barrier.) When your students are achieving better results faster, not only are they going to be totally bought into your methodology, but they’re also going to believe in every single thing you launch in the future. They’re going to trust you so implicitly because why wouldn’t they? You got them life-changing results once, they won’t doubt you can do it for them again. These superfans also become great marketers for you – they’ll rave about your program and help grow your community.


Are you ready to save time and money on your course development? It's time to hire an instructional designer and course expert!

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about the process.


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