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Create a high-touch course or program that creates measurable results without taking up all your time.

Deliver on the transformation you promise. 


Engage your students with a course strategy that simplifies and streamlines your curriculum for faster, more consistent results, higher levels of student satisfaction, and more revenue.


Hi!! My name is Erica and I'm just your friendly neighborhood curriculum designer and course strategist.

Oh, and I'm obsessed with learning. If you're here, you probably are, too. Maybe this sounds like you ...

You have a proven process and framework that is getting your clients results, and you're ready to offer even more value.

Your students are working their way through your curriculum, and you know that if more of them crossed the finish line, the results could be life-changing for them.

Your skill and strategy impacts the world in a positive way, and you see that it's possible to change even more lives that you already are.

You feel like there are updates that could be made to your course curriculum so that you can increase the number of people you impact, increase your revenue, and feel secure in your curriculum.

But most of all ...

You're ready to see your clients achieve faster, more consistent results because you KNOW that what you teach and how you teach it changes the game.

When your course is simplified and streamlined, it creates some pretty incredible results ...

After working with me, clients reported that they ...

Drastically decreased the rate of refund requests

Increased the price of their course by 50%-100%

Saw a decrease in students getting stuck in the curriculum

Saw higher levels of student interest and engagement

Had confidence in their updated curriculum

Moved from overwhelm to clarity

What kind of results do YOU want to create?

Let's talk about it!

Every moment you wait to give your course the time and attention it needs ...

... you're spending unnecessary emotional energy wondering if your course is actually creating results ...

... and because it's always on your mind, you're never fully present in your life.

And you're ready to be so confident in your curriculum that you're fully present and creating the life you dream of.

This IS possible for you!

But don't just take my word for it ...

The new WP Rockstar curriculum is something I'm incredibly proud of and I know it will serve my students incredibly well. It's everything I wish I'd had when I first got started.

[If you're on the fence about working with Erica,] take the plunge. Yes, it's intimidating trusting your course with someone who doesn't know the ins and outs like you do... yes, it's scary investing financially into something you could technically do yourself. Ignore those voices and instead, trust the expert. Trust the professional. Trust yourself to know that by handing off the curriculum development to Erica, you are ensuring an end result you could have never dreamed of.

Julia Taylor
CEO and Founder of GeekPack®
Creator of WP Rockstar

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Shannon Mattern Headshot.png

If you want your students to get results faster and tell everyone they know about how awesome you and your program is, Erica is your girl! There's no one else out there doing what she does. She is amazing, creative, strategic, insightful, fun, talented and cares about your students getting the results they signed up for just as much as you do. She's super easy to work with, and I'm so glad I chose to work with her at the level that I did because she thought of and took care of all the details. I can't wait to roll out my next-level curriculum, engagement strategy + swag!

Shannon Mattern
Founder + CEO of Web Designer Academy

"Working with Erica is probably the best decision I have made for my business. Seriously. I cannot thank her enough for how she went above and beyond to bring my vision to life."

Joanna W.

Erica was an absolute pleasure to work with, she went above and beyond the ask. I wasn't entirely sure what direction I wanted and she helped guide the process offering creative and insightful solutions. She was extremely responsive, thorough and delivered earlier than the agreed upon time. We are so thrilled with the quality of the work and will definitely be using her again soon, I am looking forward to hiring her again for our next engagement and won't even bother asking for anyone else to bid!

Magen S.

Erica helped me get clarity on the evaluation phase of my course offering. I was struck with how she covered both my business goals and those of my students in a way that not only addressed my original concerns, but solved a few I hadn't even articulated yet! Her approach is holistic and so well rounded ... you ask for an inch of her insight and you get 13 miles. Her blend of skillsets is unique and she would be an incredible asset to any course/program creator who is focused on taking their offering to the next level.

Alison K.

Ready to provide the course experience you've always dreamed of?

Here are a few ways we can work together ...

If you currently have a course ...

The best place to start is a Program Audit.

This includes a deep dive audit of your program content, member interviews, and an audit report with next steps to help you reach your goals.

The course audit is perfect for course creators with either:

1. A self-led course they are looking to expand into a hybrid course-group coaching program


2. An established hybrid course-group coaching program that was probably DIYed and has grown (and may need to be simplified and streamlined.)

If you’re a coach and want to expand your offers to include a high-touch program …

The best place to start is a 1:1 Course Design intensive with me.


Together we will create a strategy and curriculum map that will set you up to create a course that is


  • Engaging

  • Effective

  • Streamlined

  • Actionable

  • Sustainable


After we work together, you’ll walk away with a clear course strategy and curriculum map that is intentionally structured to reach your course goals sustainably and make it possible for your students to get results faster and more consistently.

The curriculum map includes everything you need to begin recording your lessons and adding content to your learning management system so that your students (and you) can have the best course experience possible.

If you're not quite ready yet ...

... but you're curious about effective course design and maybe even about me and my process, the best place to start is my podcast, Next Level Course Creator.

On the podcast, I interview course creators with programs that offer high levels of support to their students. We go beyond talking about marketing and launches, and really focus on the lesser-talked-about-things and nuances of running involved programs.

If you're a course creator that highly values your students' experiences inside your program then we'll make the perfect team.

Before Working
with Me:



Answering the same questions over and over again

Worrying about students at all hours

Being stuck in the "Bonus Stuffing" trap

After Working
with Me:



Faster, more consistent results with less obstacles

A sustainable & straight-forward engagement strategy

Offering a streamlined curriculum with specific solutions to student problems

Working with me is for you if ...

You're obsessed with getting your students results

You love working collaboratively with experts

You feel like there are updates that could be made to your course curriculum

You recognize there is a need for an excellent client experience in your course

You see the value of investing in your course curriculum

Working with me is NOT for you if ...

You don't have a proven strategy or audience

You believe only the students are responsible for their results

You aren't interested in strategic input from an expert

You're only creating a course for "passive income"

You want to be totally removed from the course experience

Here's how it works ...


You schedule a free, zero-obligation call with me.

I'll ask you questions about your business and goals, share more about my process and packages and answer all your questions.

Basically, we'll get to know each other and make sure we're a good fit.


You choose whichever package is right for you and get locked into a date on my project calendar.


Together, we develop a course strategy that empowers you to experience more freedom, leave behind the overwhelm, and create more impact than you ever thought possible.

If you're ready to ...

Transform your course to be everything you know it can be ...

Give your students a course experience that will have them coming back for more again and again ...

See your students achieve consistent results even faster than they are right now ...

... then I'd love to talk to you.

See what the next level course experience is all about.

Sign up for the mailing list to get all the best course tools, tips, and tricks straight to your inbox.

Okay, so now you know what I do, but who am I?


Hey! I'm Erica ... your friendly neighborhood curriculum designer and course strategist.

I'm obsessed with developing courses that empower my clients to experience more freedom and create more impact.

I'm all about creating solutions that are sustainable, data-driven, and that lead to transformational, empowering experiences.

My superpower is anticipating, analyzing, and solving complex problems, and I specialize in creating strategy for highly engaging courses that have students coming back for more.

If you value time-freedom and connection and you're done with the stress and clutter of handling your curriculum all by yourself, then I'd love to get to know more about you and your project!

Let's create something that both you and your students will fall in love with.

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