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Planning a course in 2024?

Catch the Course Builder LIVE Replay

Outlining a course can take weeks or months (or in some cases, years) ... but I have a system for creating a solid outline in 60 minutes or less.

Course Builder LIVE is a behind-the-scenes peek of what this process looks like.


Watch the replay of this real-time demonstration as we build an initial course outline using my custom GPT as an assistant. Plus, you’ll get a peek of what it looks like to review and make outline refinements so that the outline is prepared for phase 2 of the course design process.

If you're planning to launch a course this year, be sure to catch this replay to see what questions you should be asking, different ways you can think about structuring content, how to know what to get rid of, and more.

You might have some questions...

What's the difference between working with you and just going to ChatGPT myself?

ChatGPT can be a really powerful tool. It has access to a vast amount of knowledge, which can be helpful; however, when you're trying to create a course that is super targeted, including all that knowledge isn't going to be helpful. 

Working with me, with my custom GPT as an assistant, we're going to be able to knock hours and hours of time off the course outlining process. We'll collaborate together, I'll ask you questions, and we'll talk through the best way to approach a situation based on your goals and your specific audience.

So what's the difference? The education-trained human aspect.

What is stage 2 of this process?

Stage 2 involves a deeper discussion of each lesson provided on the initial outline. We go lesson by lesson and expand the suggested content into mini-lessons and talking points so that you have a list of the videos you need to create (and what kind they are), and work through creating some of the supporting documents. This is a longer session where we collaborate with you as the expert in your field and me as the expert in learning. By the end of stage 2, you walk away with a comprehensive course plan so that you can go straight into scripting your lessons and recording your videos.

Ready to plan your course?

Check out the limited time case study opportunity through July 31!

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