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Want to create a course that becomes your clients’ best investment ever? 

You're in the right place.

Course Design 101 is a free audio course for experts and coaches who want to teach others through a course experience that is engaging, effective, and ethical.

If you implement what you learn as you listen, by the time you reach the end of this audio series, you’ll have an actionable, streamlined, and fluff-free course that gives students the best opportunity for quick results.

Get access to the FREE AUDIO COURSE and create your clients' best investment ever..png

Course Design 101 is perfect for you if ...

  • You’ve thought of adding an online course to your offer suite OR you’re curious about course creation


  • You want to create a course but don’t know where to start when it comes to writing a strategic curriculum

  • You love quick, action-focused lessons and want to implement as you learn (without all the fluff)

The Course Design 101 framework will work for you
even if you have no previous course creation experience.

Lessons inside Course Design 101 ...

0: Before you get started (6:41)

1: What is your course topic? (1:04)

2: What problems relate to these topics? (3:23)

3: Who is having these problems? (2:43)

4: Market Research (4:04)

5: Create an ideal client persona (2:58)

6: Develop an actionable goal (4:05)

7: What information should I include in my course? (6:19)

8: Create your course objectives (4:03)

9: Sort your information (2:25)

10: Create your mindmap (3:38)

11: Plan your lesson content (2:40)

12: Evaluate your mind map (2:05)

13: Arrange and adjust your content (7:23)

14: Set up your curriculum map (3:21)

15: Fill in your curriculum map (2:07)

16: Develop tasks to show mastery (3:33)

17: Develop tools, systems, and processes (2:16)

18: Anticipate student obstacles (3:14)

19: Outline your lessons (2:37)

20: Outline your onboarding experience (3:54)

21: Offer a quick win (2:05)

22: Design intentional engagement opportunities (8:56)

23: Make your course accessible (3:23)

24: Design your offboarding experience (2:23)

25: Design your feedback form (4:01)

26: Name your course (3:45)

27: Develop a moodboard and color palette (3:19)

28: Choose your fonts (1:25)

29: Develop your course logo (2:06)

30: Price your course (2:28)

31: Determine how your enrollment works (3:47)

32: Determine how students will access your content (2:52)

33: Validate your course with a presale (3:55)

34: What do I do if my course isn't viable? (3:40)

35: Design your course collateral (1:39)

36: Record your lessons (2:50)

37: Build your course (2:59)

38: You did it!! (3:09)

Total Listening Time: 2 hours and 13 minutes

What Course Design 101 is NOT...

This audio course does not teach marketing or sales. There are brief overview lessons on where those things might fit into the course creation process, but the purpose of Course Design 101 is to help you design an effective and engaging curriculum and strategic client experience within your course.

What others are saying about my process ...

"I highly recommend this course to anybody who's trying to teach something to a new audience and has no idea exactly where to start.

You'll be challenged by Erica's message, but you'll also make a much better product in the end ... I cannot recommend it highly enough."

Meghan Raftery

Julia Taylor - Headshot

The new WP Rockstar curriculum is something I'm incredibly proud of and I know it will serve my students incredibly well. It's everything I wish I'd had when I first got started.


[If you're on the fence about working with Erica,] take the plunge.

Julia Taylor

CEO and Founder of GeekPack®

Creator of WP Rockstar

Create an incredible course without spending a fortune learning how.

Shannon Mattern Headshot.png

If you want your students to get results faster and tell everyone they know about how awesome you and your program is, Erica is your girl! There's no one else out there doing what she does. She is amazing, creative, strategic, insightful, fun, talented and cares about your students getting the results they signed up for just as much as you do.

Shannon Mattern

Founder + CEO of Web Designer Academy

Erica Nash

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Erica Nash.

I’m a curriculum designer for coaches and experts who want to create high-touch programs with the big 3: curriculum, coaching, and community.

I am on a mission to help you create a course that is your clients’ best investment ever.

I have an extensive background in education and course design and have helped some incredible people who are changing the world one lesson at a time.

I’m a total nerd for data, curriculum, and it’s one of my greatest joys to get to do what I do.

I'm so excited to give you access to Course Design 101 so that you can go on to change lives through education. 

Erica helped me get clarity on the evaluation phase of my course offering. I was struck with how she covered both my business goals and those of my students in a way that not only addressed my original concerns, but solved a few I hadn't even articulated yet! Her approach is holistic and so well rounded ... you ask for an inch of her insight and you get 13 miles. Her blend of skillsets is unique and she would be an incredible asset to any course/program creator who is focused on taking their offering to the next level.

Alison K.

Ready to create your course with the most comprehensive free guide available?

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