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On the first day of Christmas, my Course Creator Friend gave to meeeeee…. 🎶


Yep, just call me Santa. Here’s what you need to know about the 12 Days of Coursemas …


This is an email event spread out over the month of December designed especially for established course creators. And you KNOW my philosophy around getting only the necessary info out and QUICK because we don’t have time for fluff, so you better believe this is created to be just that.




So here are the deets at a glance:


Who: For established course creators

What: 12 days of strategic content to help you scale your course-based business and increase retention rates (without taking up more of your time)

When: Starting December 1

Where: In your inbox




Here’s exactly what we’ll be talking about and taking action on:

  1. Make Confident Course Decisions 💪

  2. Maximize Your Time  ⏰

  3. Seamlessly Welcome New Students 👋🏼

  4. Host Engaging Group Calls 🤓

  5. Support Students with Ease 🪜

  6. Create + Manage an Active Community 🤸‍♀️

  7. Increase Student Engagement 📈

  8. Inspire Action From the Start ✨

  9. Encourage Community Engagement 🪩

  10. Create a Safe Space 🛟

  11. Boost client results 💥

  12. Retaining Superfans ⭐

Sign up for the fun below!!

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